Yanks' Debut Album a Huge Success!

Well folks, we’re delighted to say that our first ever recording, which is self-titled but being referred to by some as “The Four Faced Liar” (which is the name of the bar behind us on the cover photo) has been extremely well received in the Irish traditional music community! We released the album electronically on March 1st and within hours it was the #1 selling album for a short while, beating the new release by Ghostface Killah! For the rest of that day and several days afterwards it held onto the #2 slot. This is an unprecedented achievement for a traditional band, and we thank our friends for helping us push it online! We’ve sold tons of hard copies in person and on CD Baby, and we’ve gotten some phenomenal reviews. Here are a couple of quotes from our reviewers:

“… an outrageously good collection of instrumental Irish music…. With great playing and smart, down-to-earth arrange- ments, this new Yanks album is a brilliant debut that features some of the best young trad players you’ll find anywhere.” 

- Dan Neely, The Irish Echo


“… an outstanding recording of traditional Irish music that towers above the Empire State itself…. The Yanks have created something special and it is one of the best group albums I have heard in quite a while.”

- Tony Lawless,

The recording was the featured album for May, 2013, on, and our friends and fellow musicians have offered us generous praise! We hope to be able to share this album with everyone we meet and also hope to follow it up with another record soon. Thanks, everyone!