New Album!

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Our new album, Haymaker, is a 2-disc set, containing 22 tracks, 84 minutes of music, and features legendary drummer and bodhrán player Josh Dukes, as well as two tracks with our good friends The Murphy Beds (Eamon O'Leary and Jefferson Hamer). Each of the discs is a cohesive listening experience and can be enjoyed on its own, or in conjunction with the other.

Tracking for Haymaker was completed over the course of one week, in January 2014, and the album includes every piece that we recorded over that week. The album was recorded by Grammy Award-winning engineer Glenn Barratt at Morning Star Studios in Pennsylvania, with the help of co-engineer and co-producer Sean Keegan.

Isaac Alderson - flute, uilleann pipes, tenor saxophone, whistle
Dylan Foley - fiddle, whistle
Dan Gurney - button accordion
Sean Earnest - guitar, bouzouki
and featuring...
Josh Dukes - drums, bodhrán
Jefferson Hamer - vocals, mandolin
Eamon O'Leary - vocals, bouzouki

- Disc 1 -

1. The Trip to Boston (Dan Gurney) / Hanley's Tweed (Paddy O'Brien) / Fred Finn's
2. Brian O'Lynn / The Bloody Hollow (Joe Mills) / Winnie Hayes'
3. Corney is Coming / The New Mown Meadow / The Graf Spey
4. One Morning in May
5. Bold Thady Quill / Headwood Crossing
6. The Rainy Day / Miss Mary McMahon of Ballinahinch
7. Kitty Lie Over / The Doon
8. The Fair of Ballaghadereen / Tommy Coen's (Tommy Coen) / The Morning Star
9. The Humours of Tullycrine / Far from Home / Paidín O'Rafferty's
10. Shane O'Neill's March
11. If There Weren't Any Women in the World / The Haymaker / Phyllis's Birthday (Josephine Marsh)

- Disc 2 -

1. The Haybarn (Isaac Alderson) / Connie Walsh's / Wallop the Cat / The Tanglony
2. I Have No Money / The Flooded Road to Glenties (Jimmy McHugh) / Molly Bawn
3. Behind the Bush in the Garden / Ned Coleman's / The Gander in the Pratie Hole (3rd part Tommy Potts)
4. Judy Ann's Waltz (Josh Dukes) / Father Newman's (John Brady) / The Road to Monalea (Colm O'Donnell)
5. Top the Candle / Eamon's Hop Jig
6. Adieu My Lovely Nancy
7. The New Century / Matt Peoples / The Connemara Stockings
8. The Widow Boyle (Sean Earnest)
9. Port na bPucaí
10. Felix's Waltz
11. The Holly Bush (Finbarr Dwyer) / McFadden's Own / The Bucks of Oranmore